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Department of Business, Economic Development Tourism
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Easier to test

In a GraphQL query, we ask for entities, also called “Types”. Since each type gets a dedicated handler, it will be fairly easy to unit test them.


By its nature, GraphQL is hierarchical and follows relationships between objects, as opposed to Rest where you might need additional requests to fetch linked data. Once again, when writing your query, you control the structure of the answer you want.

Strongly typed

Unlike Rest APIs, GraphQL strongly relies on types within its schema, and gives you the ability to create your own types on top of its internal types. This Type System allows GraphQL to provide descriptive error messages before executing a query.

Example of a bad parameter type:

This Type System highly contributes to all the tooling available around GraphQL, such as mock-server from graphql-tools for instance.


Every GraphQL server comes with a tool called GraphiQL , which is a UI to execute queries, explore the schema and access documentation.

Since the whole schema is easily available on the client through GraphiQL, we can enjoy efficient auto-completion and light but complete documentation, depending on how well description is put on each field:

We can also query the schema itself and ask for its structure. This is called “ Hamp;M Cargo trousers Outlet Nicekicks Pick A Best Cheap Online Sale Best Seller P3xjl32S

With Swagger UI (a well-adopted standard to document APIs, example ), all you need as a consumer is a list of endpoints with a description of all parameters. Here with GraphQL, all you need is the schema. Apart from the schema, the problematic is the same and will depend on how much effort the dev team has put in the doc, by adding helpful comments to every field for example.

As you might have guessed, GraphQL also comes with some disadvantages. Let’s have a look at the main ones.

Server code is more complex but at the end, same code will be used to answer multiple use-cases.

Defining the schema is a bit verbose but once it’s done, our server will be able to answer multiple use-cases.

To consume a GraphQL API, several clients already exist, depending on your programming language. But they lack maturity compared to any client consuming Rest services.

The need to rethink caching since getting data through POST requests disables any caching by any proxy between the client and the server. Even if the query is in the URL using GET, caching will still be compromised, as the same entity / “resource” could be part of many different queries. If you want to learn more about this, Missguided Mom Jeans Cheap Low Shipping t6Atj1mSYX
will help as well as this Buy Cheap For Cheap Lowest Price Cheap Online Missguided Premium Stud Mini Dress Amazing Price For Sale Outlet Free Shipping Gxh0rW7HE
explaining how to cache a graph.

A Community of Mortgage Professionals

United by our Benchmark Core Values Discount Find Great Buy Online Cheap Price Boohoo Off the Shoulder Thigh Split Tux Dress Buy Cheap Low Shipping a20xk5Bmo

Success Relationships Dynamic Excellence PositiveAttitude

United by our Benchmark Core Values Learn More

Success Relationships Dynamic Excellence PositiveAttitude

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Benchmark Brings You Home

We at Benchmark continually monitor your loan and the market so you don’t have to. This way, you are given the best product to fit your unique situation and are always getting the best mortgage available.

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“It’s not often that you can say you enjoyed your mortgage process, but I truly did. Benchmark is terrific to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any mortgage needs. They are a delight.”

Mike Nevin

“It’s not often that you can say you enjoyed your mortgage process, but I truly did. Benchmark is terrific to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend them for any mortgage needs. They are a delight.”

Mike Nevin

“Benchmark was always great about following up with you and keeping you informed every step of the way.”

Timothy Haselden

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For nearly two decades, we have been building a dynamic lending community. Ourentire business is based on the preservation and strengthening of present and future relationships. The power of Creativity and Innovation is our edge, and sets us apart in the mortgage market.

Buying a home can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be one. This is the Benchmark University. Browse, learn, and enjoy the journey to your new home.


Our core values drive our culture, shape our paradigm, and have been the foundation of our success. It’s one thing to great service; at Benchmark, we bake it right in.
We make an impact beyond the mortgage industry. We honor wounded veterans, promote their support, and help them re-integrate into successful civilian life.

Welcome to Benchmark,

Benchmark is a remarkable community of mortgage professionals. At Benchmark, we have a clearly defined set of core values that we live out and practice every day. Having carefully selected each team member one person at a time, and with an average of over a decade of individual experience, we have assembled what we believe is the best team in the mortgage industry today. Not only does our team go the extra mile to serve our branches, loan officers, and support teams, we also stand ready to deliver an exceptional experience that is second to none for our customers. Please reach out and let us know if we can help you take advantage of the Benchmark opportunity today.

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Associate partner of UNESCO - in official relations with WHO.

The Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization established jointly by WHO and UNESCO in 1949. CIOMS represents a substantial proportion of the biomedical scientific community through its member organizations, which include many of the biomedical disciplines, national academies of sciences and medical research councils. CIOMS mission is to advance public health through guidance on health research including ethics, medical product development and safety.

CIOMS support
for internships at WHO Geneva
More information
CIOMS support
for internships at WHO Geneva
More information

Cioms news

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The June 2018 CIOMS newsletter is available Dorothy Perkins Womens DP Curve Amber Ruffle Back Wrap Dress Supply Cheap Online Cheap Brand New Unisex Oz3q9W


Read the statements


The March 2018 CIOMS newsletter is available here.

CIOMS is pleased to announce the release of four new publications from our Working Groups.

With Paypal Online Newest For Sale Karen Millen Stitch Split Bardot Top Clearance Online Fake Shopping Online Original Outlet Shopping Online XUFOm3

2018 year

12 CHF

CIOMS Guide to Active Vaccine Safety Surveillance

2017 year

18 CHF

International ethical guidelines for health-related research involving humans

2016 year


Evidence Synthesis and Meta-Analysis: Report of CIOMS Working Group X

2016 year

20 CHF

A broad range of drug safety topics are covered by CIOMS via working groups. Senior scientists from regulatory authorities, pharmaceutical industry and academia join together in order to develop consensus guidelines within areas such as international reporting of adverse drug reactions (ADRs) e.g. CIOMS I reporting form, periodic drug safety update summaries and development safety update report, core clinical safety information on drugs, terminology of ADRs, standardised MedDRA queries and pharmacogenetics.

There have also been joint working groups together with the World Health Organization covering drug development research and pharmacovigilance in resource-poor countries and vaccine pharmacovigilance.

The current and recent Working Groups

Working Group on Vaccine Safety
Working Group on Clinical Research
Working Group on Bioethics
Working Group on MedDRA
Working Group on Drug Induced Liver Injury
Working Group on Vaccine Safety
Working Group on Clinical Research
Working Group on Bioethics
Working Group on MedDRA

11 - 12 September 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

14th Meeting of the Implementation Working Group on MedDRA

08 - 09 October 2018

Tallinn, Estonia

3rd meeting of Clinical Research in Resource-Limited Settings Working Group

23 - 24 October 2018

Berlin, Germany

2nd Meeting Working Group XI Patient Involvement in Developmnt/Safe Use Medicines

27 - 28 November 2018

Aix-en-Provence, France

4th meeting of Drug Induced Liver Injury Working Group

11 December 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

CIOMS 85th Executive Committee Meeting

08 - 09 May 2018

Reykjavík, Iceland

3rd meeting of Drug Induced Liver Injury Working Group

19 - 20 April 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

1st Meeting Working Group XI Patient Involvement in Developmnt/Safe Use Medicines

11 - 13 April 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

13th Meeting of the Implementation Working Group on MedDRA

27 - 28 March 2018

Geneva, Switzerland

2nd meeting of Clinical Research in Resource-Limited Settings Working Group

Member Organizations






String defining the threshold level for the notification rule.



Used internally by Skytap Cloud. Do not write dependencies on this value.


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/account/notifications/ <notification-id> .json


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/account/notifications.json

Returns a list of notification rules set by the user.

POST https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/account/notifications.json

For a description of these parameters, see the Notifications resource model above.


DELETE https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/account/notifications/ <notification-id>


Status only

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Operations on v2 projects

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List projects

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Add user or group to project

List environments, templates, or assets in project

Add environment, template, or asset to project

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Projects are an access permissions model used to share environments, templates, and assets with other users.

https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/projects/ <project-id>


The element name is projects and the following fields are defined:


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/projects/ <project-id> .json


Representation of projects. By default, the representation will display a limited number of fields.

GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/projects?count= 10 offset= 0

You can add other query parameters to your request. For example, to return up to 50 projects where the project name starts with sprint , you could make the following request:


GET https://cloud.skytap.com/v2/projects?count= 50 offset= 0 scope= company query=name: sprint

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